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Having a pre wedding session in Barcelona is an experience of a lifetime. I love receiving emails from lovely couples around the world. That was the case of Ioana & Patrick, a Rumanian-Polish couple from Canada living in Poland, isn’t it crazy!!! I love this stories, behind each one of them there’s a story and theirs really melted my heart.

Ioana found me on Instagram, she sent me a message, then an email, we spoke about the options and voilà, suddenly we had everything arranged for their pre wedding session in Barcelona. This is a love story, like many you can find in this blog, and as always, there’s a ‘to be continue’. As far as they mentioned they are planning a wedding in Mexico, if at least I could be there by that time ;-)  I’m terribly happy for them!

We picked the Gothic quarter, my favorite, and took some breathtaking images. If you’re planning to have a pre wedding shot maybe you can use this for your inspiration. Let’s celebrate love!


If you’re planning to have an engagement session and you’re also thinking on visiting Barcelona I’m sure I can help you plan the best spots to take you amazing photos. Send me your questions and ideas to: I’ll be glad to help!



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Hello!! I’m interrsted in newlywed pictures in Barcelona early April. Can you message me with additional information and availability.

What is the name of that building in the background, and is that the building next to the Museu Frederic Mares? Thanks

Hi Lalita! The cathedral is next to the Museum Frederic Mares and I work around them, I hope this helps. Thank you for stopping by!

Hello! I was wondering if you’re available on July 22nd and what your prices are. Thank you!


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