A year ago I decided to make big changes as a photographer and one of the first steps I wanted to give was to attend the FILM IS NOT DEAD workshop with Jonathan Canlas. We met at the gorgeous -almost paradise- island of Ibiza.

Jon is crazy, and I loved it, we all need a little craziness in this life. We lived, eat, shoot, talked, swam, laughed, walked, shoot again and had tons of fun during 3 days, all together. It is well known that every ‘film is not dead experience’ can be a life changing. Now I can tell you it is. The workshop not only took me back to film, it took me closer to myself, to my deepest thoughts and dreams. I started shooting film 15 years ago in Mexico and I totally forgot how film helps me slowdown every shot, study every frame and the best of all, makes me enjoy those amazing moments of discovering an image.

In addition I met amazing photographers who also happens to be gorgeous people and we became real good friends. Can’t wait to see you guys again.

This is only the beginning of great new things because at least for a while,  Film Is Not Dead, that’s for sure, and I’m super lucky to be able to enjoy it.

Thank you Jon for sharing your amazing energy with us.

Pic by Jonathan Canlas

These are my new friends, please, take your time and discover their amazing work:  Arno, Gerald, Steve, Audrey, Wes, Bunn, Claire, Jorrit, Darryl, Henry, me, Chanelle, Kim, StavrosGert and Beccy who is not in the picture.

Thank you to Cathering Abegg, for sharing that time with us. Also thanks to Albert Roig & Lucia Olivieri, for being such a wonderful models.



Good times! <3

Es bueno volver a disfrutar de otra manera de hacer fotografia, dale duro!

Thanks for share!

Que xulo..

Chanelle Segerius-Bruce

so nice!