Earlier this year I received an email from Anne Marie , she was planning her Irish wedding in Barcelona with Sean. They wanted a very intimate wedding while taking advantage of the fact that Sean’s brother was living in Barcelona and that they loved the city already. We set a day for a phone call to talk about all the details. Everything went smoothly in our conversation, Anne Marie has a delicate voice, she is the kind of person that you can really enjoy listening to, apart from the fact that I love her Irish accent. 

She found me through a Barcelona guide that Fly Away bride website published years ago, they recommend me as a wedding photographer in Barcelona, I’m very grateful to be part of it.

Sean and Anne Marie decided to marry at a very special place: Sant Pau del Camp, the oldest church in Barcelona. Sean’s uncle was in charge of the ceremony, and everything was very family oriented. Only close family and a few friends were there, the flower girl and page boy were they own children. I’ll always remember the face of Anne Marie’s daughter the moment she was dressed in her wedding gown, those kind of moments remain in my memory for years. During the ceremony they had this beautiful ritual of lighting a candle together, which touched my heart. 

After the ceremony we took some pictures at the Benedictine monastery next to the church. I’m in love with this medieval place, its quietness will keep you there, caught in time. Shooting family formals is a key moment in my work, it means a lot to get a picture of all of them together, hugging and loving each other. It’s a day to remember and for that reason it is important to make it happen. 

Love your loved ones.


Sant Pau del Camp


In the loving memory of Anne Marie’s father. 

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