I met Inma years ago, we were introduced by another photographer colleague during an event full of bloggers, photographers and other suppliers in Barcelona. Inma used to be a blogger, quite famous indeed, and she was always invited to all the events in town before becoming an extraordinary wedding planner in Barcelona. Now she’s the CEO of a gorgeous company called Paris Berlin Wedding Planners, one of the top wedding planners in the city. 

Time passed by and we became close friends, one day I finally had the chance to meet Jordi, and seeing them together made me feel in love with their complicity, their deep friendship and their true love.When I found out that Jordi was going to propose to Inma I couldn’t stop imagining how incredible this wedding was going to be. I have no words to explain the amazing experience of seeing my friends sharing their love with all of us. I attended the wedding as a guest but of course I couldn’t help my self and brought my film camera with me. I did a couple of shots and enjoyed the rest of the wedding the best possible way: eating, drinking and dancing! I love weddings but being a friend’s wedding I enjoyed every moment.

Inma’s wedding dress was a gorgeous pale pink gown from Rosa Clará. The bouquet was a creation of our mutual friend, Marina from Oh Fleurs!  I shot the pictures with my film camera, a Mamiya 645. The result if absolutely beautiful, the colors and the textures.  I love film and I always recommend to have at least a small session shot in film. 

Their rustic wedding was held at a greenhouse near Barcelona. 



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